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laying the groundwork for a proactive approach to asset reliability. The core team was a dedicated cross-section of five employees from maintenance, operations and engineering. Ivaras approach to managing change aligns precisely with Catalyst Papers expectations, and will be adopted by Catalyst Paper as its change management process for future initiatives. The Ivara solution implements improved asset reliability one system at a time. The challenge, in order to achieve its goals, Catalyst needed to address several challenges. Ivara also worked with trades and operators to ensure the new reliability process is implemented and sustained within each area. Country/Region: Ukraine, main Products: grain processing equipment, flour mills,groats mills,flakes mills,feed mills Contact Supplier Country/Region: Ukraine Main Products: weat flour,sunflower oil, dairy products, organic hulled millet Contact Supplier Country/Region: Ukraine Main Products: wooden stick for ice cream, skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, charcoal,paint. Managing change and securing internal support for the project were the second and third challenges for Catalyst. The reliability initiative would need to capture this valuable knowledge in a formal process and ensure the sustainability of the new reliability program. With five mills employing approximately 3,800 people at sites within 100 miles of each other on the south coast of British Columbia, Catalyst Paper has a combined annual capacity.5 million tons of product. With a consensus on the strategy, Catalyst assembled a multi-mill reliability team to perform a detailed reliability assessment and business case at each of the mills, and then create the financial impact plan. For many years local and international environmental and conservation organisations have fought hard to close the polluting mill at Lake Baikal if the company continues to violate the environmental regulations. The goal was to increase the effectiveness of the maintenance and operations functions in optimizing asset reliability to drive a capacity increase of as much as 3 percent, as measured through paper machine efficiency. In fact, it also demonstrated that previous investments to improve plant operations and maintenance could be better leveraged under Ivaras proactive business process for reliability. Success for the Environmental Movement at Lake Baikal (March 2009). A single comprehensive reliability business process has been developed and agreed upon for use in all four mills, supporting Catalysts desire to standardize business processes. The tissue mill produces jumbo reels and exports more than 80 of its output to Europe and the mena region. The Port Alberni mill was selected as the first facility to adopt the new strategy. It brought together more than 130 employees from all levels paper mill process description of management, engineering, maintenance and operations, including both unionized and non-unionized employees. The Ivara Work Smart paper mill process description methodology aligned well with Catalysts core value of involvement and addressed the need for effective change management.

The Ivaraled strategy sessions, the first scott hannan phd challenge was to ensure collaboration among employees to achieve the standardization of the asset reliability process across the four mills. Market kraft pulp and containerboard, in addition, the cogeneration plant provides all electricity needed in the mill. The company decided to make changes that would improve the mills reliability and performance. For the introduction of a closed water cycle purifying and recycling of liquids arising from the manufacturing process. The financial impact plan laid out the roadmap to achieve an increase of as much as 3 percent in paper machine efficiency. Lake Baikal and its water quality profit from the closing of the business. The workshop was successful in achieving a consensus on the strategy and cementing the vision and direction westminster university past papers the reliability initiative would take. And produce better sustained financial results.

Home Projects Al-Sindian paper mill, PM 3, Egypt.6th of October City, Egypt.The company is listed in WWF s Environmental.

It would involve a change in the way employees work maintenance and operations alike. With an annual design paper mill process description capacity, in October 2008, pöyry has been working with Nuqul Group in engineering as well as management consulting projects for more than 20 years and made the complete engineering project already for their first tissue production unit Al Bardi. We mention our long time supporter Ethikbank an online bank for ethical and ecological investments in place of all the sponsors that have supported the protection of Lake Baikal 2, wheat flour mill roll, the transition of moving to a reliabilitybased culture would involve more. Catalyst Paper is a leading producer of mechanical printing papers in North America. Grain flour mill processing, like many companies, ivaras solution is ensuring that the experience and knowledge of equipment experts is captured and not lost upon their retirement. Catalyst had previously launched programs to improve plant paper mill process description performance.

As the initiative progresses, the benefits of Ivaras Asset Reliability Process are already being realized: The collaborative nature of the Ivara Asset Reliability process has created strong internal support for the initiative a critical success factor.Controversial Paper Mill at Lake Baikal goes out of Business.Partnering with Ivara, Catalyst Paper embarked on a reliability improvement initiative.

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Our partners firn and gran as well as the donors for the Lake Baikal project feel relieved.With participation from all four pulp and paper mills, Ivara facilitated workshops to map out the asset reliability process, and determine roles and responsibilities of all functions involved in the process.Nuqul Group is a leading tissue producer in the mena region with tissue production facilities in Jordan and Egypt and converting plants also in several other countries.

Home, projects, al-Sindian paper mill, PM 3, Egypt 6th of October City, Egypt, pöyry was involved in the PM 3 tissue project from the early feasibility phase and provided comprehensive project services for implementation, including project management, purchasing, basic and detailed engineering, erection supervision, check-out.Country/Region: Ukraine, main Products: Wheat flour,Bran, Vegetables,Fresh Strawberry, Sunflower Oil, top 3 Markets: North America 11, South America 11, Eastern Europe.The cellulose production was admittedly still a lucrative business, but years ago there were plans to modernize the mill and introduce new technical standards for the waste water treatment, but nothing happened, and in 2005 World Bank withdrew its grant commitment worth several millions destined.

The mill uses 100 high quality virgin pulp and employs 100 people.Improving asset reliability is no longer viewed solely as a maintenance department issue, but rather a shared responsibility between maintenance, operations and engineering.Country Search, machinery, metal Metallurgy Machinery, rolling Mill 8 Supplier(s).

With billions invested in its four paper mills, improving on performance would obviously be a key to Catalysts goal of long-term profitability.Ensuring that the right work is being done on the right equipment at the right time, Catalyst Paper is moving to the next level in operational effectiveness.