Cassette tape wrapping paper

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Cassette tape wrapping paper

attach two pieces together. If you prefer thin paper, you might not like the thick quality of this. Now that cassette tapes are almost obsolete, wrapping we miss that hobby more than ever. Use a tiny piece of Scotch paper Magic Tape to attach one end of the cassette ribbon onto the box and another tiny piece to attach the other end of the cassette ribbon to the box. Be sure to let the paint/pen/ink dry thoroughly to avoid smudging. This thin rectangle is where we cut smaller windows to imitate the bottom of a cassette tape. To take care of everyone on your list, weve provided a handful of free cassette tape printables in a variety of fun holiday colors. Handmade Charlotte are the perfect project to do together with your kids! If you attach it too well, you may have trouble later trying to pull the cassette ribbon out to reveal the message! Scotch, magic, tape, scotch.

Face down, step 6 Place the cassette tape wrapping paper gift box back. In a rectangular box, place the gift box face down onto the cut wrapping paper so that the long side of the box is about 5 away from the 15 long edge of the wrapping paper. But a closer inspection shows its actually a purse.

Cassette tape wrapping paper

Marvel Avengers Gift Wrap Stickers Set. Step 7 Use Scotch Double Sided Tape to attach the cassette printable onto the top of the wrapped gift box. Use a pencil to trace around the box.

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If the gift is large, I would suggest more than one set.Check out the creation process.

Be sure to use as small a piece as you can manage.Next, apply a long piece of Scotch Magic Tape along the length, smoothing as you.Did you make custom mix tapes for friends and family when you were growing up?

At first glance, these cassette-inspired gifts look fairly straight-forward.If you love all things retro, this cassette tape business card holder.

Once you are happy with the shapes, use a craft knife, ruler, and cutting mat to cut them out.View IN gallery, you should always have a pack of business cards at hand everywhere you go, because you never know when an opportunity for networking may arise!