How to get powder residue off of paper

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How to get powder residue off of paper

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Gently scrub the area with a cloth or sponge until the residue is lifted.The Magic Eraser was amazing at taking off the sticky residue on silverware.Your lips should be soft and moisturized, but you should not have any lip balm residue on them.

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Borrow someones cell phone and change the language setting to a foreign language.just dont eat the toothpaste one.On the 3M Post-it simply write April Fool!

Best recommendations

Simply rub over the area with a pencil eraser, or larger eraser for larger spots, until the goo is removed.Make sure the pump works.

Refill the middle with toothpaste and make the packaging look new.Make it kind of discreet so they can't really see it when they're looking at the handle.

If you have a license, tell your parents you got a ticket for speeding.(Other liquids besides water will work too).

Put jell-o in the toilet so it won't flush.put on all black clothes and dark makeup (if your a girl) and say you are going goth to freak out your parent put alittle snap rocks (the ones youy got from the icecream man.The last two are dissolved out by cold, very dilute hydrochloric acid, and the residue is tested for nickel and cobalt.