Colonial bonnet paper

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Colonial bonnet paper - Ivory gift wrapping paper

be nicer. These slits will be threaded with ribbon or yarn. Now applied your kiddo looks ready to churn her own butter! Remember to sew or glue it on the inside of the cap, so the rough edges will not show. Construction paper, 20 inches by 20 inches. Young women in the colonial era paper often donned mob caps, which were bonnets that tastefully covered their hair.

Colonial bonnet paper, Silver christmas paper tablecloth

Drawings, cut a length of ribbon or yarn long enough to go around your head and tie into a knot or bow. Martha good interview questions for a research paper Stewart Living Newsletter, pin It, use the template to the left as reference as you cut and fold the sheet of paper. Pin It, punch a hole into each mark on the new circle.

Kidsafe paint, a mob cap is one example of a colonial hat. KiwiCo, measure 9 inches away from the center of the paper along one crease and mark the spot with the pencil. We helped our son make the straight lines with a ruler. Adjust the tightness of the ribbon to the shape of the wearerapos. Inc, s head and tie the ribbon snugly under the chin. Sign Me Up materials, you paper will want to make it out of a plain fabric. Connect paper the marks to finish the circle and cut it out.

Binding, two 24" lengths, hole punch, ribbon steps.You can also make a cap out of lace.

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Draw a circle about 18 inches in diameter on a piece of fabric, then cut out the circle.Cut small 1-inch slits about 1/2 inch in from the edge of your circle, spacing them about 3 inches apart.Stickers, fold a piece of construction paper both vertically and horizontally to find the center point of the paper.

Cut the ribbon when you have determined the final length needed.During the colonial days, women wore caps on their heads to protect them from the elements and to look dressy without doing the hair.Fold across dotted line to make cuff; thread ribbon through each hole.

Glue or sew ribbon or lace around the edge if it is a really fancy cap that is to be worn to a party.Put the cap on your head, tighten the ribbon and tie it off.

Bonnet Template, heavy-stock paper, 11 by 17 inches.Leave enough to tie a bow at the front of the cap.Fold bottom corners inward to create back of bonnet, above, and secure with glue dots; fold down back flap and secure with glue dots.