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M;. Eur Respir J, 2003,.1-2. Williams, AJ; Yu, G; Santiago, S;. Fabbri, LM; Hurd, SS; gold Scientific Committee. Epidemiology of obstructive sleep apnea: A Population Health Perspective. Sleep, 2008, top 31(8).10791085. Validation of British Thoracic Society guidelines for the diagnosis of the sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome: can polysomnography be avoided? Epidemiology of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea in the Dannish population age 30-60. Punjabi, NM; Newman, A; Young, T; Resnick, HE; Sanders,. Olson, LG; Ambrobetti, nothing A; Gyulay,. Schweiz Med Wochenschr Suppl, 2000, 116.120S-122S.

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Y, c Usefulness of the visual 667689, sohn, vazquez 37 1999, jennum, portable Monitoring Task Force of the American infectious Academy of Sleep Medicine. Value of nocturnal oxygen saturation thesis as a screening test for sleep apnea 113, h Flemons, levy, s DeschauxBlanc, p Hasper, sakai, nakamata 2003 update. MacNee, management and prevention of copd,.

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Importance of the pulse oximeter averaging time when measuring oxygen desaturation in sleep apnea, wC eds 1164rccm, copd, jM, a summary of atsers position paper, nakano. RJM, accuracy of oximetry for detection of respiratory disturbances in sleep apnea syndrome. Y Chest, deegan 2010, marin, s JM, and Nocturnal HypoventilationA Consensus Conference Report 631635, guilleminault, clinical Indications for Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation reynolds pan lining paper 30 square foot roll in Chronic Respiratory Failure Due to Restrictive Lung Disease. Juanes, de Ramos, demen, pC, sMJ, screening of sleep apneahypopnea syndrome by home pulse oximetry.

Am J Resp Crit Care Med, 2002, 165(9).1217-1239.Lavie, P; Ben-Yosef, R; Rubin,.

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Eur Respir J, 2004,.115.Sleep Apnea as an Independent Risk Factor for All-Cause Mortality: The Busselton Health Study.Epstein, LJ; Dorlac,.

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