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Every Saturday Free "Wings of Desire The Art of William.The owners, 2 students from the University of Kansas and a doctor/painter from Halstead Kansas, are making efforts to bring edgy art to professional gallery space in Lawrence Kansas along with bringing local artists affordable art supplies, offering the lowest prices in town.Every Thursday, free "a bird, i wish i were mixed media by Paul Flinders.

Mills becomes a member of the State Board of Health.Puerto Ricans first migrated to Lawrence, some to work in the farms and orchards in the region.

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Saunders, Underground Railroad Orange Trees 1844, early Map of Lawrence Area 18: Essex Company formed by Boston merchants turned manufacturers to encompass land purchased.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching its seventh annual Campus RainWorks Challenge, a green infrastructure design competition open to colleges and.Boston merchants involved in international trade evolved into manufacturers through development of textile communities powered largely by water.